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Past Presentations

March 2023: Rachel Krantz
“Developing Intercultural Competence through Perspective Talking”

March 2023: Lary Daily
“An Overview of the Psychology of Modelers”

February 2023: David B. Gordon
The “Child Prodigy” and the “Wondering Mare”

March 2022: Austin Showen
Inside-Out? Questioning and Listening for Social-Emotional Learning in Music

October 2021: John Steffen
The Mysteries of Painted Turtle Spots and Colors

March 2021: Jason Miller
Machine Learning and RNA Sequence

October 2020: David R. Hixson
Unreal Archaeology: Combining Aerial Drones, Digital Animation, and Dirt Archaeology to recreate Ancient Landscapes

February 2020: Amy DeWitt
Returning a Puppy for guide training: factors that impact grief and Raising Again

November 2019: Elizabeth M. Perego 
De-mock-ratiyya: Humor, History, Protest, and Violence in Algeria, 1988 to 2005

October 2019: Kyle Hoy
The Effectiveness of Taxes in Decreasing Candy Purchases

September 2019: Samuel Greene
Pathological Counterinsurgency: Lessons from U.S. Failure in Latin America and the Middle East

April 2019: Janine K. Scott
Financial Capability: Literacy, Behavior, and Distress

March 2019: Dr. Chris Coltrin
The Politics of Catastrophe on the Art of John Martin

February 2019: Jacquelyn Cole
Wintergreen and Caffeine: Small Molecule Analysis at Shepherd University”

October 2018: David B. Gordon 
Duty First: Pearl S. Buck’s Views on Japan

October 2018: Robert M. Anthony
Forced Urbanization

March 2018: Rachel Krantz
“Who am I?”: Memory, Identity, and Unreliable Narration in Film

February 2018Dr. Karen Adams
The Art of Mathematical Induction

November 2017: Dori Hargrove
Teacher Learning Communities as a Professional Development Model

October 2017: Jordan Mader
What am I drinking?: Development of a novel low-cost method to remove heavy metal contaminants from water
Psychometric Field Test of Hung’s Postpartum Stress Scale

September 2017:  Keith Alexander
The Alternative ListeWestberlin and the Evolution of the German Left

April 2017: Elvira Sanatullova-Allison

90 Years after Meyer v. Nebraska: Advocating for the Students’ Home Language Educational Rights

April 2017: Jason McKahan and
Betty Ellzey
The Life and Repentance of Mary Magdalene

March 2017: Cindy Vance, CPA 
The Effects of the Presence of Fraud and Auditor Certification Considering Professional Skepticism on Fraud Risk Assessment Performance

February 2017: David Modler Department of Contemporary Art
tet[R]ad:Draw and Play Here Initiative

November 2016: James J. Broomall
By Whose Hand?: The Curious Letters of a Civil War Soldier

October 2016: Doris Burkey
Pre-Operative Bereavement Education

October 2016: Timothy Nixon
Klaus Mann: German Anti-fascist and American Literary Figure.

September 2016: Lindsey Levitan
Social Motivations and Political Attitudes: Could Peer Pressure Be a Good Thing?

April 2016: Scott Hippensteel
Concert Programming – A Holistic Panorama

March 2016: Cindy Vance
The Effects of Auditor Certification, Professional Skepticism, and the Presence of Fraud on Fraud Risk Assessment Performance

November 2015: Dr. Kevin Williams
Scuba Diving Digital Seas

October 2015: Dr. David B. Gordon
A Tale of Two Diplomats: He Fengshan, Sugihara Chiune, and the Jewish Flight from Nazi Europe

September 2015: Dr. Christy I. Wenger
Yoga Minds, Writing Bodies: Contemplative Writing Pedagogy

April 2015: Dr. Carrie Messenger
History and Gretel

March 2015: Dr. Joseph Robbins
Baku in the U.S.S.R.: How College Life in Azerbaijan Reflects and Resists Soviet Legacies

February 2015: Nicolas Pologeorgis
Factors Affecting the Economics Knowledge and Understanding of K-12 Social Studies Teachers

November 2014: Dr. Cydne Perry
Pregnancy and Lactation Alter Biomarkers of Biotin Metabolism in Women Consuming a Controlled Diet

October 2014: Dr. Laura Robertson
The Effects of Environmental Contamination on Gene Expression in Aquatic Organisms

September 2014: Dr. William Zimmer
The Market Feasibility of Bringing Minor League Baseball to West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle

April 2014: Dr. Aart Holtslag
Diffusion of Conventional Arms Norms: NGOs, Landmines, Small Arms, and Cluster Munitions

March 2014: Dr. Julia Sandy-Bailey
Advertising Jim Crow

February 2014: Dr. Chad Loewen-Schmidt
The Politics of Pity in Eighteenth-Century Fiction

February 2014: Dr. Jeffrey R. Groff
From Gravity to Gradients: The Nanoscale Physics of Cells

November 2013: Dr. Dot Hively
Shepherd University

October 2013: Dr. Stacey M. Kendig
Administrator & Faculty Perceptions of Incivility in the Workplace: A Higher Education Study

October 2013: Kristin Kaineg
Branded: Building the Experience and the Artifacts

September 2013: Dr. Scott Hippensteel
A Study of David Maslanka’s “Unending Stream of Life”

April 2013: Dr. Chris Lovelace
The Amazing Perceptual TraitSynesthesia: What It Is, and What Psychological Science Can Tell Us About It

March 2013: Dr. Walter K. Hanak
Isidore: His Life and Times

February 2013: Dr. Jennifer L. Penland
Voices of Native Resiliency: Educational Experiences During the 1950s and 1960s

November 2012: Dr. Christopher Elmer
What is an Applied Mathematician (and Why Would You Want One Teaching You)?

October 2012: Dr. Max Guirguis, Dr. Stephanie Slocum-Schaffer, Dr. Mark Stern
Campaign Mistakes and Oppertunities

Women Voters in the 2012 Election and Beyond
Presidential Power and the Evolution of the Modern President

September 2012: Dr. Caroline E. W. Glackin
A Fresh Look at U.S. Microfinance: The Evolution of a Revolution

April 2012: Dr. Joyce Webb
A Woman’s View of Tibet

March 2012: Dr. Anne Murtagh
ADHD Symptoms and Executive Functioning in Young Adulthood

February 2012: Dr. Carol Z. Plautz
Early Stages of Lens Induction in Xenopus Embryos

November 2011: Dr. Belinda Mitchell
Examining the Role of the Special Educator in a Response-to-Intervention Model

October 2011: Dr. Jared Androzzi
The Effects of Early Clinical Teaching Experiences on Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Efficacy

September 2011: Dr. Joseph Robbins
Does Voting Mean the Terrorists Win?

April 2011: Dr. David Gordon
Teresa Teng: From Asia’s Diva to YouTube Sensation

March 2011: Dr. Mark McCoy
Not Your Grandfather’s Orchestra

February 2011: Dr. Clarise Ottley
The Lived Experience of the African American Pregnancy that Ends in Preterm Birth

November 2010: Dr. Scott Beard and Soprano Brooke Evers
The Poet Speaks

October 2010: Stephanie Robbins
Extended Image

October 2010: Dr. Jacob Stump
Critical Terrorism Studies Research

April 2010: Dr. Ed Snyder and Dr. Clarissa Mathews
Shepherd’s Renewable Energy Demonstation Site

March 2010: Dr. Carl Bell

February 2010: Dr. Robert Willgoos
Observations on China

December 2009: Dr. Jason McKahan
Critical Methods of A/V Applications in Classroom Instruction

November 2009: Dr. Heidi M. Hanrahan
A Series of Mere Household Events

October 2009: Dr. Joseph Robbins
Party System Institutionalization and Government Spending

April 2009: Dr. Kathleen Corpus
Frontier Fort Women: Keeping Up Appearances

March 2009: Dr. G. Rasheeda Ayanru
Beyond the Social Model of Disability – Theory into Practice

February 2009: Dr. Rachel Ritterbusch
Contemporary Women’s Cinema in France: The Case of Anne Fontaine

November 2008: Dr. Mark Patton
Shepherd University’s Business Research Profile

September 2008: Dr. Scott Beard
Where East Meets West: Contemporary Chinese Piano Music for the Studio & Concert Stage

March 2008: Dr. Rob Parkinson
The Common Cause: Public Opinion and the Legacies of Mobilization during the American Revolution

February 2008: Dr. Virginia Hicks
An International Teaching Practicum Experience in Jamaica

November 2007: Dr. Rajeev Rajaram
An Introduction to Systems and Control Theory

October 2007: Dr. Heidi Dobish
Emotional Stereotypes Across the Lifespan

September 2007: Dr. Michael Austin
Darwin’s Library: Evolution, Cognition, and the Origins of Fiction

May 2007: Dr. Helen Johnstone
Behind the Veil

February 2007: Margie Kiter Edwards
“Normal” Violence and Intimate Terrorism: A Typology of Gendered Violence

January 2007: Sonya Evanisko
Recycled Matter: Mixed Media Collage Paintings

November 2006: Dr.  Keith Alexander  
Old Buildings, New Visions: Environmental Sustainability and Historic Preservation

October 2006: Dr. Max Guirguis
Constitutional Limits to Electronic Surveillance

September 2006: Dr. V.J. Brown
From Flying Saucers to Bigfoot Collective Hysteria and Mass Delusion

April 2006: Dr. David Hostetter
Lasers in the Jungle: Hollywood’s Depiction of Resistance to Apartheid

March 2006: Dr. David Gonzol
Otto Ortmann, Music Philosophy, and the Revolution in Music Education

February 2006: Dr. Matthew McIntosh
Towards a Golden Rule: Establishing Standards for Senior Fitness Evaluation

November 2005: Dr. Eugene Volker
Drugs, Steroids, Polymers: Designing New Laboratory Experiments

October 2005: Dr. Sally Brasher
Circumventing Patriarchal Restrictions to Public Service in the Middle Ages: The Humiliati and Beguines Compared

September 2005: Dr. J.B Tuttle
Designing and Implementing Structured Course Evaluations and Self Evaluations

April 2005: Dr. Farzad Mahootian
Self-Limitation in Science and Religion

March 2005: Dr. Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt
The Female Artist, Madness, and Writing a Woman’s Life: Zelda Fitzgerald and the Age of Jazz!

February 2005: Dr. Mark Stern, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Good German Soldier Within Limits: The Case of Major Julius Schmähling

November 2004: Professor Clarissa Mathews
Working Toward Sustainable Food Production: Basic Ecology in Applied Agriculture”

October 2004: Dr. Larry Daily
Programming Cognition: Computer Simulations of Individual Differences in Human Working Memory Performance

September 2004: Dr Linda Tate
Voices from the Front Porch: The Appalachian Story

April 2004: Dr. David Gordon
“The African World” and “The Japanese Spirit”:  Cultural Dynamics in the Writings of Wole Soyinka and Watsuji Tetsuro

March 2004: Dr. Ruth Conley
The bionic ear: creating brain implants and other technologies for better hearing

February 2004: Dr. Linda Sabin
War, Epidemics, and Pioneer Hospitals: The Crucibles of Nursing Practice in the 19th Century

November 2003: Dr. Jason Best
The Cosmic Scheme of Things: New Insights into the Universe Around Us

October 2003: Dr. Stephanie Slocum-Schaffer
Cracking the Glass Ceiling? Women’s Representation in Post-Industrial Democracies

September 2003: Dr. Kevin Williams
Synesthesia: Music Video’s Integral Aesthetic