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Shepherd Graduates Succeed

What does a Shepherd education mean for you?

Shepherd’s small class sizes and liberal arts approach to education will prepare you for a career in your chosen field but also prepare you to be a leader in the 21st century. Employers today are more likely to hire liberal arts graduates who have mastered soft skills like critical thinking, reasoning, teamwork, creativity, communication, and empathy.

Our faculty mentored students who have gone on to pursue notable careers and our faculty will do the same for you. From radio hosts to cancer scientists, entrepreneurs to award-winning educators, a Shepherd education can take you anywhere and, most importantly, help you accomplish your dreams.

Succeeding In All Walks of Life.

No matter what you major in or where you decide to go, your Shepherd education has you prepared. Don’t hear it from just us, hear it from members of the Ram Fam!

Starting Strong.

Our proximity to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and the rest of the Washington metropolitan area gives Shepherd University students a multitude of internship opportunities and the opportunity to begin their careers before they graduate. Recent internships and job offers include:

Career Services

Shepherd University’s Career Services is here to help our students define and accomplish their career goals. Offering workshops, résumé templates, career fairs, and professional resources, we ensure our students are ready for their next steps.