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R.A.M. Initiative

R.A.M. Initiative

Welcome to Shepherd University and the R.A.M. (Ready, Aim, Move) Initiative! The R.A.M. Initiative was developed by School of Recreation, Sport, and Exercise Sciences faculty in 2020 to encourage and enhance healthy lifestyles, mental and environmental wellness opportunities, and social comradeship amongst Shepherd University and the Shepherdstown community.

R.A.M. Initiative Walking Path MapĀ 

What Is R.A.M.?

R.A.M. is an acronym for Ready, Aim, Move and applicable to any behavioral, mental, or physical goal! We must embrace the readiness for change (Ready), the direction in which to proceed (Aim), and the desire to move towards the goal (Move)!

R.A.M. is a collaborative initiative incorporating wellness and education, promoting collaborative campus efforts, community and campus involvements, and healthier community and campus members. In our efforts, we hope to make Shepherd University a campus that embraces all aspects of wellness (mental, social, physical, emotional, social, and environmental) and lead the state in the battle of obesity and other chronic diseases.

Walking Path

The R.A.M. Initiative has established a scenic walking path through East and West Campus, beginning at the R.A.M. Initiative’s main display and ending at the Butcher Center. To view the map, click here, or scan the QR code below to save onto your phone.

Our Donors

We would like to send many thanks to our gracious donors, whose support for the R.A.M. Initiative’s mission is above and beyond.

Valley Health; Shepherd University’s College of Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences; Two Rivers Tread; Pivot Physical Therapy; Demi and Lucien Lewin; Decker and Company, PLCC, Certified Public Accounting; The Shepherd University Human Performance Lab, WISH Grant Recipient; Shepherd University’s School of Recreation, Sport, and Exercise Sciences Faculty; Jefferson Security Bank; Shepherd University Alumni Board; Shepherdstown Town Hall; Holly and Jim Frye