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Faculty Handbook

Shepherd University Faculty Handbook: A Handbook for Faculty & Academic Administrators

The Shepherd University Faculty Handbook is a set of policies that apply specifically to faculty members and their unique roles at Shepherd University  The governing faculty life at Shepherd University. The current iteration supersedes any other version of this document.


Annual Evaluation
Supplemental Funding Application Faculty Absence and Leave Report


Appendix A:  Constitution of Shepherd University Appendix G: Program Review Procedures
Appendix B:  Shepherd University Appendix H:  Faculty Professional Development Application
Appendix C:  State Grievance System Appendix I:  Class Arrangements for Faculty Absences and Faculty Leave Report
Appendix D:  Process Timeline and Forms for Annual Evaluation Appendix J:  School of Graduate and Professional Studies Policies
Appendix E:  International Academic Study Tour
Appendix F:  Library Faculty Handbook