Administrator & Faculty Perceptions of Incivility in the Workplace: A Higher Education Study

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm
Center for Legislative Studies (CLS), Auditorium

Uncivil workplace behavior in the higher education environment is counterproductive for achieving institutional goals. Prevailing uncivil behaviors frequently result in unresolved conflict, a focus of various researchers since the mid 1970’s (Andersson & Pearson, 1999; Martin & Hine, 2005; Pierre & Peppers; 1976, Pietersen, 2005, and Twale & DeLuca, 2008). This study was designed to examine administrator and faculty members’ perceptions of uncivil workplace behaviors and organizational culture. The study further examined the relationship between incivility and organizational culture. The Uncivil Workplace Behavior Questionnaire (Martin & Hine, 2005) and the K & C Organizational Culture Instrument (Kendig & Chapman, 2012) were combined and distributed to a small sample of administrators and faculty members in higher education. The respondents included 34 administrators and 151 faculty members from three similar Public 4-Year Institutions of Higher Education (Carnegie Classification, 2010). Results indicate that perceptions of incivility and organizational culture between administrators and faculty members are not different. This study can serve as a contribution to the professional development efforts of administrators and faculty members in higher education. Keywords: Incivility, conflict, administrators, faculty, higher education

Dr. Stacey Kendig, Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport

Dr. Stacey M. Kendig has been an active faculty member at Shepherd University since 1996. She has continually demonstrated her commitment to the HPERS department, students, and the entire Shepherd University Campus and community. During her professional career at Shepherd she has taught as an adjunct faculty member and a full time visiting faculty member. In addition, she has been a student advisor during the academic years as well as during the summer A & R sessions; representing the HPERS Dept. Stacey has also served on numerous department, school, and campus committees and is currently serving as the HPERS Dept. Chair.