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Accident-Incident Reporting

For accidents and incidents, use one of these forms:

NOTE: The same form is to be used for both Accident and Incident reporting. Simply check the type of report.

Accident is defined as an event that results in personal injury or property damage.
Incident is defined as an event that may have caused or resulted in injury.
Hazard is defined as an observable situation that could result in injury, property damage, and risk exposure to the university, or an individual if not addressed.


All on-the-job accidents involving personal injury are to be reported on the university’s Accident/Incident Report Form. Documentation of the event and distribution of the form should be completed within 24 hours of the event. Events include all on-campus activity and approved off-campus events inclusive of all administration, faculty, staff, students and visitors. It is the responsibility of the senior staff person most immediately involved to fill out the Accident/Incident Report Form and to assure its distribution.

The Human Resources Department, University Counsel, or the Vice President of Student Affairs or their delegate, will contact the family of the injured as appropriate.


Complete the form in the same manner as for an accident except that there should be no notations related to injury as no obvious injury is present at the time of the report.


Use the Hazard Report Form to report conditions that could result in injury to individuals or may need to be addressed to limit liability exposure to the university. Examples might include: slip, trip and fall hazards, potential chemical spills or improper storage of hazardous substances. This form will be used to document the reported hazard, record investigation and abatement activity and for applicable reporting. It may be sent to your immediate supervisor, the Safety Committee, Facilities Management or other administrator.