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This page is to provide students information about the technology environment at Shepherd.

Connecting and registering your devices for use on-campus:

Registering devices in Residence HallsHow to connect and register your game consoles, SmartTVs, Rokus and similar devices for use in your residence hall room.

Special note: Printers must be connected to your computer using a USB cable. Printers with Wi-Fi capability, while they may work fine at your home, cannot be connected to our Wi-Fi network. This is due to our Wi-Fi network, called Registration, running a higher Security Encryption Protocol than these printers can handle. They also cannot be connected through our wired (Ethernet) network.

Wi-Fi set-up instructions for studentsInstructions for students to set up your laptop and smart devices on the wireless network

NOTE: If you are having problems with the registration wi-fi network, please see the instructions immediately above “Wi-Fi setup instructions for students”. If you cannot resolve the problem, then follow the rest of the instructions in this section.

When submitting issues with a Wi-Fi (registration or SU-Guest) network, IT Services needs as much information as you can provide. This will greatly assist us in troubleshooting the problem. Please provide the following information:

To create a work order in our system, send an email to

Computers used in Residence HallsDesktop computers and laptops connected using an Ethernet connection in Residence Hall rooms must be registered also. Please connect your computer to a network wall jack using an Ethernet cable. After you connect the Ethernet cable between your computer’s Ethernet card and the wall jack, go into a browser. Try surfing to any web site and our Registration page should come up; if it doesn’t please type into the address bar on your web browser. Select the top option for those with a Shepherd account, then enter your Shepherd username and password like you use for Email/Brightspace. (NOTE: It is not your full email address.) Run the Bradford Dissolvable agent if using Internet Explorer, or do a Save and then Run if using another browser. Once it completes successfully, you should be able to connect to the Internet.

Personal Network GearUse of personally owned network gear (hubs/Wi-Fi routers/etc.) on Shepherd’s network.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Services Desk. Their contact information and hours are at the bottom of the IT Services main web page at

Below is more information to assist you with Shepherd’s technology environment

Acceptable Use PolicyWhat your Shepherd computer account is for and what rules govern it.

Shepherd accountInformation about your Shepherd account, where it works, how to retrieve it and change your initial password.

Computer buying guidelines for the new studentWhat computer should I buy? Here are some guidelines to help you.

E-mail systemThe email system for students and how to use it.

Requirements for an anti-virus program on your computerDo I need an anti-virus program on my computer and if so, what can I use?

Brightspace – Learning Management SystemOur Online Learning Management System.

Technology at ShepherdHere is information for students new to Shepherd about our networks and computer requirements.

Wi-Fi set-up instructions for studentsInstructions for students to set up your laptop and devices on the wireless network.