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Acceptable Use Policy


Information assets including data, computing devices, systems technology, telephony, and IT resources are vital to Shepherd University’s ongoing mission of discovery, learning, and engagement. To support its mission, Shepherd University makes information assets and IT resources available (1) to facilitate operations, (2) to support scholarship, research, and instructional activities of faculty, (3) provide access to services, and (4) to support student and campus life activities.


Shepherd University information assets including data, computing devices, systems technology, telephony, and IT resources shall be used in an approved, ethical, and lawful manner to avoid loss and/or damage to Shepherd University data, operations, image, or financial interests. All affiliated information/technological data should be considered as confidential and proprietary, thus every effort to protect its integrity should be made.

Brief, incidental and non-recurring personal use of IT resources is tolerated as part of daily learning and work of all members of the campus community, provided that such use does not violate any other applicable law, copyright infringement, or Shepherd University policy, procedure, and/or regulation.

As a condition to being granted use of or access to information assets and IT resources, each user (1) consents to the provisions of this policy and (2) agrees to comply with all of the terms and conditions detailed within this policy.

The following usage of IT resources are prohibited:
1. Circumvention of any security measure of Shepherd University or any measure that may violate any local, state, or federal law.
2. Intentional use, distribution or creation of viruses, worms, malicious software, ransomware, or other keylogging techniques.
3. Distributing denial of service (DoS) practices or any other device/system, program, or practice of a malicious motive.
4. Unauthorized use, copying, or distributing of licensed software or other copyrighted materials.
5. Intentional storage of Shepherd University data in an unsecure location.
6. Deliberately sending frivolous or excessive electronic messages (e.g. spam).
7. Accessing information assets and/or other data that is not publicly available, does not belong to the user, and for which the user does not have explicit permission to access.

POLICY Acceptable Use Policy
IMPACT Data, Technology, and IT Resources
CREATED February, 11, 2010
REVISED August 6, 2021
APPROVED BY Director, IT Services