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Student Email System

Faculty and staff regularly use email to communicate with students. Every student is issued a University email account and must regularly monitor it for official communications. You can access the Shepherd Email system at
Be sure to retrieve your computer account before visiting this server. Your email address will be

Tips about email

Getting Your Email

To access your web-based email account, type into your browser’s address line, or go the Shepherd web page at, click on the Current Students menu item and then select Email on the drop-down menu.

  1. For the username, type in your username you looked up previous followed by so it is Type in your changed password into the password box. If you have not changed your password yet, see the instructions above.
  2. Click on the Log In button.
  3. You should set the default language and time zone. The initial time zone is set to Iceland so click on the box on the right hand side, then move upward until you see Eastern time.
  4. Once you set the time zone, you will see your email messages.
  5. Your e-mail account has a sizable, but finite size limit. You will need to manage your account so problems are avoided.

Setting up your Shepherd email on your smartphone

The following instructions are generic. These are not to be interpreted as specific step-by-step instructions as each smartphone OS (Operating System) is different from others in terms of their menu navigation and options.

  1. Go into your Settings
  2. Go into your Email Settings
  3. Select either Exchange or Exchange ActiveSync
  4. The server name is
  5. The domain is
  6. Enter your Shepherd username and password

Tips for managing the account’s size

If you need help, please contact the IT Services Desk by phone at 304-876-5457, see us in the basement of the Library or email us from a personal email account at (to create a ticket in our system).