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Computer Requirements For New Students

This page is to familiarize new students with the technology environment at Shepherd. As a new student, you need to know what networks are available and where, what requirements we ask you to have for your computer and what you can do before arriving on-campus to help you have a smooth start.

Shepherd maintains a wired Ethernet network for connecting your computer and other devices. The cable must be a Category 5, 5e or 6 cable. All residence halls have at least one Ethernet port for each person living in that room, suite or apartment. The suites and apartments have more than one port per person. There are also some Ethernet ports available for use in academic and common buildings such as the Library.

Shepherd also maintains a Wi-Fi network in every building on-campus including all of the residence halls, academic and common buildings. If you find an area in a campus building which does not have Wi-Fi coverage, please contact the IT Services Desk so we are aware of it. Our contact information is below.

The easiest way to get connected is to see the IT Services Desk staff in the basement of the Library. However, there is a link at the bottom of this page if you want to try configuring the Wi-Fi card(s) of your device(s) to our wireless network before you arrive on-campus.

To ensure the network is secure and reliable, we maintain strict standards for operating system versions and virus protection:

This is the list of Anti-Virus software our Client Security Agent (CSA) recognizes: AV List

If your antivirus is not on the list, contact itworkorder@shepherd.edu to see if we can add it. You must have an anti-virus product installed and up-to-date on your computer. Please remember to set your system for automatic virus definition updates.

To connect to our networks, you must register your devices. The registration process will scan your computer for compliance with the above requirements. Be sure to have your Computer Account before proceeding. Please note that you cannot register using a dial-up connection.

Game consoles, Roku devices, smart TVs and similar devices used in a residence hall room can only connect through a wired connection and must be manually registered by IT Services staff. Please go to this page: Registering devices in Residence Halls and follow the instructions. This will submit your information to system. Please give us up to three business days to do so.

NOTE: We may delete all registered devices soon after each Fall and Spring semester ends. You may need to re-register your device(s) again at the beginning of each semester.

We recommend that a little before you come to campus for the start of the semester, click on the icon below to scan your computer for compliance to our requirements. If it meets our requirements, it will pass and be registered. If it does not pass, you will receive a message on your screen why it did not pass.

Checking for compliance
Register and scan my computer.

Once registered, mobile device owners may try clicking on the following link to proceed to instructions for configuring their computer for the wireless network.