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Personal Network Gear

Use of personal networking gear on the Shepherd network, including hubs, wireless routers, bridges, and switches, is strictly prohibited. Some departmental networking equipment may be used in locations where traditional networking devices or Ethernet terminal jacks cannot fulfill the reasonable demands and expectations of the department, upon approval by and coordination with IT Services.

Shepherd University uses a fully managed network which means our network management software will proactively detect most “rogue” (meaning non-Shepherd) devices such as switches, wireless routers and network bridges. After detection, our network equipment will cease the routing of network traffic between these devices and the rest of the Shepherd network. People on computers behind these personal network devices will be cut off from the rest of the Shepherd network and the Internet. If this occurs to you, contact IT Services so we may discuss having the connection restored following removal of the rogue device.

Because the network is shut down at the port, simply removing the offending device and plugging a computer back into the network jack will not work to restore the connection. Non-Shepherd networking equipment, if installed improperly, will interfere with the proper functioning of our network, servers, and other computers. If the provided network capabilities do not meet your specific departmental or individual needs, please contact IT Services for assistance.