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Commonly used resources for employees.

Support after hours

If you experience any problems including items related to Brightspace, email, network access, or the internet after normal business hours, please check the main IT Services website for outage information. Submit a work order anytime by emailing with a description of the problem.


Email resources

Configuring Outlook on your office computer – Here are the instructions for configuring Outlook on the Windows computer in your campus office

Office365 – Is available on the web anywhere you have internet access. There is a shortcut labeled “email” on the main Shepherd University website. Login directly by going to to enter your Shepherd email address and network password. Commonly used products include web versions of Outlook, Excel, Word, OneDrive, and more. A free version of Microsoft Office is available to install on personal devices only.

Filtering emails – Here are instructions for filtering out unwanted emails using our campus spam filtering system

End User Digest – March 2020, Shepherd was audited by our email security provider which indicated our inbox filter did not meet our appropriated security standard.The report has two sections:
1. Low Priority emails are delivered to users inbox or Junk folder. These emails are defined as newsletters and announcements.
2. Quarantined emails are not delivered. These emails that our filter, which uses a nationwide database, has determined as bad – either with a virus, spam, or malicious content.

Managing your emails:
• Users can click ‘allow sender’ to confirm that the sender is validated and that you wish to receive this into the general inbox. Realizing that there are exceptions to every rule, users can bypass the filter doing so. However, there are risks if users blindly click allow to all. We want to govern and ensure all email delivered is pertinent and ensures productivity. No system is perfect. For this reason, for users who are members or part of larger newsletter groups or who do leverage information from said organizations, they click allow as well.
• Users can click ‘block sender’ to confirm that the senders emails not be delivered.
• Users can manage their account by selecting the particular link that is reflected on the report.

RAIL information

RAIL – How to change your emergency contact information

Your computer account password

To learn more about your computer account password, and instructions of how to change it, please go to our Password Guidelines page.

NOTE: This password expires and must be changed every 180 days.

LMS (Brightspace) information

Brightspace – Information pertaining to our Learning Management System (LMS)

Wireless setup instructions

Connecting your devices to the Shepherd Wi-Fi network – How to set up Wi-Fi on your personally-owned device.

Faculty Computer Replacement Cycle process

The process we follow to assist you with replacing computers is located on the Computer Replacement Cycle page. Please reference it to understand the steps necessary in this process.

Adding Copy / Job Accounting Code to printers

Konica-Minolta – Instructions for how to enter and set your Copy / Job Accounting Code through the computer are here

Ricoh – Instructions for how to enter and set your Copy / Job Accounting Code through the computer are here

Any additional instructions for other models or types of shared network printers will be added in this section.

Telecommunications and campus phones information

Telecommunications – Information pertaining to the campus telephones

Temporary computer accounts

Computer accounts for non-Shepherd employees – How to request a temporary computer account for those not employed by Shepherd.