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How to be authorized to use Banner and/or Argos

Access to Banner and Argos reports are authorized by Data Custodians. Please submit an IT Work Order to requesting what access is needed. Data custodians are responsible for explaining how and when to use Banner. IT Services will coordinate appropriate approvals via the ticket system.

Custodian Areas of Authority
Kristen Lorenz,
Director of Admissions
Recruiting and Admissions
Tracy Seffers,
Catalog, Course, Student, Registration, Grades and Transcripts
Jacob Witt,
Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Bea Stottlemyer,
Accounts Receivable and Budgeting
Debra Langford-Hiergeist,
Exec. Dir. of Procurement Services
Encumbrance, Requisitions and Accounts Payable
Dr. Elizabeth Sechler,
Director of Residence Life
Housing and Meal Plans