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Configuring Outlook On Your Campus Office Computer

Here are the instructions for configuring Outlook the first time on your office computer running the Windows Operating System.

  1. Log into the computer in your office.
  2. After you are logged in, find the icon for Microsoft Outlook.
  3. If you do not have this icon, you can find Outlook in the Start menu. It is under All Programs, then Microsoft Office.
  4. Outlook should start running the setup process if this is the first time you have run Outlook.
  5. In the next box enter your user name. Example jdoe. Click the Check Name button when done. This will change your user name into your full name. If you receive an error message, make sure your user name is correct. If it is correct and you are still receiving a message at this screen, please call User Support at ext. 5457.
    Click the Next button if everything is correct.
  6. Congratulations you are now finished setting up Outlook. Click the Finish button.

Welcome to the Shepherd Exchange server.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT Services Desk at 304-876-5457 or send an email from a private email account to to create a ticket in our work order system.