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Changing your emergency contact information in RAIL

Below are the instructions for changing your emergency contact information in the RAIL system.

    1. Log into RAIL:
    2. Once in RAIL, click on Personal Information.

    1. Click View Emergency Contacts.

    1. If you need to add or change your contacts click Update Emergency Contacts on the menu screen.

    1. To Add a Contact, click on New Contact.

    1. To Remove a Contact make sure the Remove Contact checkbox is checked.

    1. Enter the necessary information, then click Submit Changes.
    2. Add any more contacts you need.
    3. Click on “Return to Menu” in the upper right corner when done.

    1. Logout of RAIL.

If you need more assistance, please contact the IT Services Desk at 304-876-5457 or e-mail to create a ticket in our work order system.