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Temporary Computer Account Requests

Employees who have a Personnel Account Form (PAF) submitted do not need a request form done for them. Their PAF is the computer account request form.

If a computer account is needed by someone who is not a full or part-time employee of the University, a Computer Account Request Form must be fill out and submitted to the Human Resource department.

If accounts are needed on a continuing basis from year to year, please submit them each Fall before being needed.

Temporary or permanent employees of the CATF, Byrd CHE, Shepherd University Foundation, Life Long Learning, or a temp service must have this form filled out and submitted.

For other temporary account needs, please contact the Director of I.T. Services.

** Timeframe note: Human Resource must have the account request forms at least two weeks before the accounts are needed.
Accounts are created by a batch process, so under no circumstances can accounts be created immediately. **

Here are the steps to follow to request a Temporary Computer Account:

  1. Click on this Computer Account Request Form.
  2. Fully fill out one for each person.
  3. When finished, press the Submit button at the bottom of the form to submit the form to Human Resources.

If you need accounts for an outside group, such as conference attendees, who have no affiliation with the University, please go to the Outside Group Request Page for details.