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Department News

Dr. Levitan wins teaching award

Doctor Lindsey LevitanCongratulations to Associate Professor Dr. Lindsey Levitan on receiving the 2021 University Faculty Award in Teaching. Dr. Levitan’s teaching ability and contributions to the department and the university are unparalleled and she’s highly deserving of this award. Students wishing to take a class from this award-winning professor might consider her new course, PSYC 399A Special Topics: Persuasion and Social Influence, being offered this fall.

Psychology Majors present at research conference

Psychology majors Connor Skillman and Veronica McDade both presented the research they’ve been working on with Psychology faculty member Dr. Lindsey Levitan at the virtual Eastern Psychological Association conference March 5-6. (The image to the right is a screen shot of Connor’s presentation, with Dr. Levitan.) Read the press release from University Communications for more information about their research.

Course modalities for fall 2021 classes

With the pandemic ongoing, fall 2021 classes in the Psychology Department will remain a mix of hybrid and online. Students will have the option of traditional fully online (online asynchronous, OLA) classes, online synchronous (OLS) classes that meet at a scheduled day & time via Zoom, and hybrid synchronous (HYS) involving a combination of in-person and Zoom meetings. HYS class instructors will contact their students before the semester starts to let them know how the class will meet. If you’re a student and have questions about a class, contact the instructor via e-mail.

The Psychology Department Mission:

Student in the White Hall computer lab.
In conjunction with the missions of Shepherd University and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Department of Psychology facilitates student learning of core psychological knowledge, skills, and values and supports students’ career aspirations and academic goals through quality teaching, mentoring, and advising. Through service and research, the department encourages meaningful faculty and student participation in the community. The department accepts that psychology is an objective natural science. We apply the University’s core values in the work of the department and abide by the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct.

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