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Psychology Faculty Awards and Leadership

All of the full-time faculty who teach in the Psychology major have earned doctoral degrees in psychology and have served as leaders both in the university and profession and have been frequently recognized for their contributions. In fact, as of 2021, the Shepherd University Outstanding Teaching award has gone to Psychology faculty twice as often as any other department and we have received the second highest number of faculty awards overall.

Here are some of the faculty’s awards and leadership roles:

Dr. Larry Daily
Ph.D. in Psychology, George Mason University

Dr. Heidi Dobish
Ph.D. in Psychology, Tufts University

Doctor Lindsey LevitanDr. Lindsey Levitan
Ph.D. in Psychology, The University of Chicago

Dr. Chris Lovelace
Ph.D. in Psychology, American University

Dr. Joe Merz
Ph.D. in Psychology, United States International University

Former Faculty

Dr. Anne Murtagh
Ph.D. In Psychology, University of Montana