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The Department of Social and Applied Behavioral Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology as well as a minor in Psychology, and we participate in the interdisciplinary minor in Aging Studies. Our program is also home to the CDSA Master’s degree program at Shepherd.

Psychology B.A.

Requirements for the Psychology B.A. from the Shepherd Catalog

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Shepherd is one of the more popular programs on campus (seventh out of 19 as of fall 2020). This is likely because an understanding of human behavior is advantageous in just about any career, especially those where you’ll be interacting with other people.

Psychology Minor

Requirements for the Psychology minor from the Shepherd Catalog

Psychology is the second most popular minor at Shepherd, likely because an understanding of human behavior is essential in just about any career.

Aging Studies Minor

Requirements for the Aging Studies minor from the Shepherd Catalog

Aging Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that includes classes from Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Nutrition, Appalachian Studies, History, Health Promotion and Exercise Science, and Recreation and Sport Studies. It is very beneficial for students planning to work with older adults. Contact program coordinator Dr. Heidi Dobish for information.

People are living longer and populations are aging worldwide. The demand for professionals with expertise in aging is growing rapidly. Here are some resources for you if you are interested in exploring a career in aging:

M.A. in College Student Development and Administration

CSDA Home Page

This program will prepare students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree and want to pursue a career in a college setting working in areas like student affairs and enrollment management. This program often accepts Shepherd Psychology graduates along with students from a variety of other colleges and majors. Contact program director Dr. Ann Wendle for information.