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Academic Support Center
The Academic Support Center provides support services for students of all abilities, but especially for those who need assistance making the transition to higher education.  The Center is committed to enhancing students’ academic potential through peer tutoring, learning skills instruction, and academic advising.

Advising Assistance
Throughout a program of study, whether undergraduate or graduate, the student is strongly encouraged to work closely with an academic advisor. Advisors are available in all major concentrations. Their responsibilities are to help students with course choices and to provide insight into degree programs and options. They are also professionally trained and well-experienced in helping students meet their educational goals and most efficiently move toward degree completion.

Career Services
Career Services offers assistance with résumé construction, internship and job searches, preparation for employment interviews, and job fairs.

Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center provides the Shepherd University community a “Learning Commons” – in essence, a one-stop shop where students can find assistance with writing, study skills, the effective use of technology, and tutoring in any subject ranging from mathematics to foreign languages to music. And, a one-stop shop where teachers can find pedagogical and technological classroom resources and exchange ideas with colleagues.


Class Schedule


Student On-campus Employment
There are many opportunities for students to work and gain experience on campus. International students are limited to working no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year.

Wellness Center
This is a state-or-the-art center offering an active, healthy balance to academic studies.