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Work from Home & Remote Access Guidelines


Remote access to Shepherd University networks and/or IT resources is often necessary to maintain employee and/or student productivity, but in most cases, remote access will originate from external networks that operate at a significantly lower security posture than Shepherd University’s campus network. Everyone needs to take an equal part in helping to minimize and mitigate external risks.

The purpose of this guideline is to define rules and requirements for connecting to Shepherd University’s network from any external host; from off-campus; or, outside of the campus network. These rules and requirements are designed to minimize the potential exposure to Shepherd University from damages which may result from unauthorized use of Shepherd University IT resources. Damages include the loss of sensitive or confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image, damage to critical Shepherd University internal systems, and fines or other financial liabilities incurred as a result of those losses.

This guideline applies to all Shepherd University users, including students faculty, staff, and agents operating on behalf of Shepherd University on a university owned device or a personally owned computing devices used to connect to the Shepherd University network or internet resources. This guideline applies to remote access connections used to do work on behalf of Shepherd University, including reading/sending email, accessing core network and/or data systems, use of the virtual desktop infrastructure (i.e. Citrix), and viewing of any Shepherd University IT resources from home. This guideline covers all technical implementations of remote access used to connect to Shepherd University networks.


It is the responsibility of all Shepherd University users, including students faculty, staff, and agents operating on behalf of Shepherd University, with remote access privileges to Shepherd University’s campus infrastructure network, to ensure that their remote access connection is given the same consideration as the user’s on-site connection at Shepherd University.

When accessing the Shepherd University network from a personally owned computing device, all users are responsible for preventing access to any Shepherd University IT resources, including data, by non-Authorized Users. Performance of illegal activities through the Shepherd University network by any user (Authorized or otherwise) is prohibited, as outlined in BOG Policy #35 as well as the Acceptable Use Policy. Users assume the responsibility for and any affiliated consequences of misuse of the campus network by usage of remote access. For further information and definitions, see the Acceptable Use Policy.

Employees who have not been issued a Shepherd University owned computer are responsible for ensuring that they have the proper IT approved software/hardware technology to perform their job duties from a remote location on a personally owned computing device. These devices may include, but are not limited to, computer, tablet, telephone, and peripherals (e.g. monitor, docking station, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.). Equipment supplied by the employee, will be maintained by the employee. Shepherd University accepts no responsibility for damage or repairs to employee-owned equipment. Shepherd University reserves the right to make alterations to standards and/or determinations as to what quantifies as appropriate equipment, subject to change at any time. Equipment supplied by Shepherd University is to be used for university purposes only. Upon termination of employment, all Shepherd University property will be returned to Shepherd University, unless other arrangements have been made in writing and approved by the employee’s Executive sponsor.

All employees will establish an appropriate work environment that is to be utilized at home or remote for school/work purposes. Shepherd University will not be responsible for costs associated with the setup of employee’s home office and/or modifications to the employee home office space, network connectivity, or affiliated non-Shepherd approved/utilized software.

For additional information regarding Shepherd University’s remote access connection options, including how to obtain a remote access login, anti-virus software, troubleshooting, etc., please visit the Shepherd University IT Services website.



These guidelines apply to all users, such as students, faculty, and staff of Shepherd University and to other persons accessing Shepherd University information assets and/or IT resources including but not limited to authorized agents or community members, regardless of whether such information asset or IT resource is accessed from on-campus or off-campus.


All Shepherd University students, faculty, staff, and other parties with access to Shepherd University information assets and IT resources shall be responsible for:






BOG#35: Information Technology Security
Acceptable Use Policy
IT Information Security & Privacy Policy
Social Security Number Guidelines

GUIDELINE: Remote Access Guidelines
IMPACT: Data, Technology, and IT Resources
CREATED: August 18, 2021
REVISED: November 28, 2022
APPROVED BY: CIO/CISO – Information Privacy Officer