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Financial Aid Checklist

 Apply for Federal Aid

File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at using the Title IV school code: 003822.

Check your student RAIL Account

for Unsatisfied Requirements under the Financial Aid “Eligibility” section. Unsatisfied Requirements may prevent receiving a financial aid package.

 Accept or decline aid in your student RAIL account

  1. Click on ‘Financial Aid’
  2. Click on ‘Award’
  3. Click on ‘Award for Aid Year,’ and select 2021-2022, and click ‘Submit’
  4. Click on ‘Terms & Conditions’ tab and Accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Click on the ‘Accept Award Offer’ tab
  6. Review and accept or decline your offer
  7. Submit your decision

 Complete Entrance Counseling & Master Promissory Note (only if accepting a student loan)

Students accepting a Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan for the first time must complete BOTH entrance counseling and the loan agreement for subsidized/unsubsidized loans (Master Promissory Note). To complete these steps, log into with your FSA ID.

Parents: Apply for the Parent PLUS loan (if applicable) 

Your parents must complete BOTH the application and, if approved for the Parent PLUS loan, complete the Loan Agreement for a PLUS Loan (Master Promissory Note). To apply for the Parent PLUS loan, visit and login with the parent’s FSA ID.

Apply for a Private Loan (if applicable)

You can purse credit-based loans from private lenders to help fund education expenses. Our ELM Select private loan search engine is designed to help you find the best loan for you! More private loan information can be found here.

Accept Federal Work Study or apply for part-time student employment

Contact Jessica Binkley, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, at 304-876-5470 or Find more information about Student Employment herePlease note that Federal Work Student funds comes to the students as a paycheck as they work; they do not apply directly to tuition and fees. 

Set Up a Payment Plan

If you would like to setup a payment plan that will divide your balanced owed into equal monthly payments, contact the Business Office at 304-876-5284 or visit their website.

Submit All Private Scholarships To The Office Of Financial Aid

If you were awarded a private scholarship in the form of a check, submit that check to the Office of Financial Aid so we may add it to your account.  If the check is made out to you and Shepherd University, it will need to be endorsed over to Shepherd University.

Understand your Scholarship Requirements

All scholarships have specific requirements you must meet to maintain that scholarship. In order for most scholarships to disburse, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours. In addition, many scholarships have G.P.A. requirements as well as credit requirements for the academic year. Re-read you scholarship award letters or speak with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure you understand the requirements for each scholarship you have received.

Understand your Loan Requirements

Direct Federal Loans require at least half-time enrollment for disbursement (6 hours for undergraduates). Some grant programs require full-time enrollment (12 hours for undergraduates). Other grants disburse based on how many hours the student is enrolled. A loan/grant will be reduced or canceled based on not meeting enrollment requirements by the last day to add or drop a class. Add/Drop dates can be found here.

Go to class!

Financial aid is funding to assist with education expenses incurred while attending classes in pursuit of your degree. You must attend your classes regularly and engage in the requirements for each class; otherwise, your financial aid may be revoked partially or in full. This would result in an amount due by you to the university immediately.

Expecting a refund? 

To receive your refund faster, sign up for direct deposit with Bank Mobile. Otherwise, you will receive a paper check to the local mailing address listed on your account. Refunds may be expected during the first week of classes. 

 Need To Cancel, Reduce, Or Change A Loan?

You Have The Right To Cancel, Reduce, Or Change The Amount You Originally Accepted By Contacting The Office Of Financial Aid In Writing Via Faoweb@Shepherd.Edu.

Be an informed student! Know your status by checking RAIL and your Shepherd email regularly!

Shepherd University Office of Financial Aid / 304-876-5470 /