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Student Community Service

The volunteer request form is due by September 1! Click the button above to fill out the form. All requests must be made by this date to utilize Shepherd University volunteers!

If you have any questions please contact Danielle Stephenson at or at 304-876-5030

Our Mission

The Office of Student Community Services promotes, organizes, and assists campus outreach initiatives by effectively placing individual students, groups, and academic and social organizations in situations that embrace learning through service. We promote the value of learning through service by providing every student, who desires to expand their education, by creating effective experiences in the community. The student’s knowledge will grow, alongside their passion for assisting the community and personal reflection. Our goal is for all students to:

  1. Discover leadership potential and personal strengths.
  2. Build relationships with other students, staff, faculty, and community members
  3. Experience “in leadership action,” by participating in organized programming.

Students will take these personal achievements and further their individual development as leaders and foster personal goals that encourage positive change within their community.