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ASC 304-876-5221 Library Rm 103

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Encouragement – Empowerment – Motivation! Your Peers are here to support you!

1. Peer Tutors – Shepherd students who will work with you one-on-one!  Subjects range from Accounting to Writing. Meeting Platforms: In-person in the Library Room 103 or Live online.

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2. – Professional Tutors from around the Globe! Meeting Online 24/7, On Demand appts or sign up ahead.

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3. Drop a paper in for Review! Submit a paper and receive an email with feedback. No appointments needed.

Click on the video image below to learn how to drop off a paper! image on how to connect to a writing review. This image links to a video that gives you the steps.

        Academic Support Center Mission Statement

The Academic Support Center’s (ASC) purpose is to provide support services for students of all abilities, but especially for those who need assistance making the transition to higher education. We are committed to enhancing students academic potential through peer tutoring, learning skills instruction, and gpa enhancement counsel. Our goal is to coach students towards reaching their academic goals by building self-advocacy and self-awareness skills so that they can achieve academic success.