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wvOASIS/Kronos Information

What is Kronos?

The State of West Virginia in 2016 implemented a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system called wvOASIS.  One component of that ERP is Kronos, which is a leave management system and a time keeping system.  Shepherd University is required by the State to use this system.

Timely Monitoring Required

The Kronos leave management and time keeping system requires careful monitoring by supervisors.  It is recommended that supervisors develop a habit of checking Kronos every day or two.  The consequences of inaction are severe:  Employees will not be paid if their time and leave are not submitted and approved in a timely manner.

Leave and time must be submitted by employees and approved by supervisors within the current pay period.  Pay periods consist of two-week periods beginning on Saturday and ending on Friday.  If leave is submitted by an employee but not approved by the supervisor within the current pay period then that employee may not be paid for that time.

myApps Accounts

In order to use the Kronos leave management system and time keeping system, employees and supervisors must have myApps accounts.  Instructions for creating a myApps account can be found here.  To log in to myApps, click here.

Who uses Kronos?

Kronos is used by all staff and faculty who accrue leave as well as all hourly employees (including student employees), plus the people who supervise the employees in those categories.  Adjunct faculty members and full-time faculty members who do not supervise leave-earning or hourly employees do not use Kronos.

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