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Volunteer Opportunities

Check RamPulse for Volunteer Opportunities

Log into RamPulse and join the Office of Student Community Service to see service opportunities in our community and on campus.  Opportunities are posted on the Events page. Filter using “Service” under Themes or use the search bar at the top using “Volunteer”. The list of opportunities is constantly changing so login often to see what might interest you.  Use the “news” tab to locate service opportunities for local non profit organizations.

Students are welcome to stop by the Office of Student Community Service in the Student Center, Suite 216.

Track Your Service Hours

Don’t forget to keep track service hours in RamPulse. Watch the short video below for directions. At the end of the academic year, organizations can review their progress. And, at the end of a student’s college career, students can view all service hours, memberships, a more through their Co-Curricular Transcript. Once logged into RamPulse, click the user’s initial in the top right corner to access your Co-Curricular Transcript and more!

Search Opportunities Here    Learn more about Tracking Here Track Hours Here