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Transfer Scholarship Opportunities

*Students who wish to receive institutional aid from Shepherd University must file a FAFSA. Students who submit an undergraduate application by May 1st and submit an enrollment deposit by July 1st will receive priority for our merit-based and academic awards.

Academic Transfer Scholarship

Students who have attended an institution other than our partnered institutions are eligible for a transfer scholarship upon admission if the requirements below are met:

Transfer Scholarship Agreements

Dual Admissions Agreement and T.O.P.S. Program
Shepherd University shares transfer agreements with a number of community colleges to offer scholarships to students who demonstrate strong academic achievement.
Visit the Transfer Scholarship Agreements page for more information.

Scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions

These scholarships are awarded to new students with a strong academic record or to those with high financial need. Students must file a FAFSA to be considered for scholarships. Priority deadlines are March 1st for fall admission and November 1st for spring admission.
Admissions Scholarship Application

Scholarships awarded by the Office of Financial Aid

These scholarships are available to full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students. Most scholarships require a minimum GPA of 2.5. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.
Financial Aid Scholarship Application

Multicultural Leadership Team Scholarship

Applicants for this scholarship must be full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking Shepherd University students who demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to improving race relations, enhancing cultural diversity, and promoting multiculturalism. Find out more about the Multicultural Leadership Team Scholarship .

Download the application here.

The Scholars Program

The Scholars Program at Shepherd University is designed for high-performing upperclassmen and transfer students who desire an Honors education but are not able to complete the full four-year Honors Program. Like the four-year program, the two-year Scholars Program provides a varied and stimulating curriculum to students who have demonstrated the ability and willingness to engage in intellectual challenges. Students must apply for admission to the Scholars Program, and may be considered for scholarships if admitted to the program.
Visit the Scholars Program page for more information. 

Academic Common Market

Academic Common Market is a tuition-savings program sponsored by the Southern Regional Education Board. The program is available to college students who want to pursue degrees that are not offered by their in-state institutions. Students can attend out-of-state institutions that offer their degree program and pay the institution’s in-state tuition rates. The approved ACM majors at Shepherd University include:

Maryland Residents
Art: Photography and Computer Imagery concentration
Environmental Studies: Aquatic Science concentration
History: Civil War & 19th Century America concentration
History: Historic Preservation & Public History concentration
Recreation and Sport Studies: Recreation Therapy concentration

Virginia Residents
Art: Photography and Computer Imagery concentration

Delaware Residents
Communication and New Media: Digital Filmmaking concentration
History: Historic Preservation & Public History concentration
Recreation and Sport Studies: Therapeutic Recreation concentration

South Carolina Residents
Recreation and Sport Studies: Sports Communication concentration

Please note that the ACM is not automatic and Shepherd University is not involved in the certification process. Students must apply for the program through their home state’s ACM office. For more detailed information about the application process, please visit the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) website

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are awarded by other agencies, such as businesses, churches, foundations, etc. The following websites are useful in applying online. Notify the Office of Financial Aid of any scholarship that you receive from a private source.

For additional information about scholarships, grants and loans, please visit our Financial Aid page. 

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