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Outside Group Request Page

In the past IT Services has allowed guest accounts or guest user access to our systems. That cannot be the case any more. We have been required to certify our networks for various data security compliance requirements, and those do not allow guest accounts.

All access to our network must be via specific named-user accounts.

In order for us to comply with the requests in a timely manner, the requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the person’s arrival on campus.

If the purpose for the account is peripheral in nature to the visit, such as for checking their home email accounts, then a Shepherd account should be reconsidered.

If you have any questions about whether accounts are needed, please contact the I.T. Service Desk at x5457 or email us at as soon as you are aware of the need. We would be glad to work with you on your needs.

If an account or accounts are needed, please do the following at least two weeks prior to the account(s) being needed.

  1. Go to this Computer Account Request Form
  2. Fully fill out one for each person
  3. When finished entering the information, click the Submit button at the bottom to submit the form to the Human Resources department

Once the account(s) are ready, we will contact you as to how you want to receive it/them.