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Shepherd Stands with Ukraine

Dr. Robert Tudor, Dean of Shepherd’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, professor of music, and director of vocal activities, sings the Ukrainian national anthem on Monday, March 21.

Shepherd University stands with the people of Ukraine as they defend their homeland.  Like others around the world, many in our Shepherd community are watching the invasion of Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis thinking: How can I help?

In the spirit of service that Shepherd is known for, we encourage you to find tangible ways to help the people of Ukraine as they are forced to flee their homes and take up arms amid this unprovoked attack on their country.

You’ve probably heard stories of how individuals are making a difference: collecting much-needed clothing and supplies to send overseas; booking accommodations to support individuals who are opening their homes to displaced persons; buying digital goods from Ukrainian online sellers; donating sales proceeds to humanitarian relief funds; and much more.

We encourage you to share your efforts and ideas via the Shepherd University Facebook page.

If you are seeking reputable aid organizations to which to donate, the recommendation is to “give with your heart, but also give with your head,” meaning–do your homework on the organizations you choose to support to ensure your gift is going to the people in need and is given to a registered nonprofit organization. Charity Navigator has created a list of highly rated nonprofits engaged in relief and recovery efforts, broken down by the type of service(s) they offer.

Finally, if you are personally struggling as you watch the unfolding events in Ukraine, we encourage you to find mental health services that may help you make sense of these world events. Shepherd employees have access to mental health services through the University’s EAP. Students can connect with the myriad services available through Counseling Services. Counseling Services also has a robust list of resources on their website that can help anyone in need.