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Retirement and Departures

Master Faculty

Designation of “Master Faculty Professor” shall be at the discretion of the Provost/VPAA. This position shall be a part time, non-benefits employment status for one academic year. To be eligible for “Master Faculty Professor,” an individual must meet the following criteria:

a) have served Shepherd University as a full-time, tenured faculty member for a minimum of five.
b) have tendered a letter of resignation from the full-time, tenured position held.
c) have a supporting recommendation by the Department Chair/School Director.
d) have a supporting recommendation by the College Dean.
e) have an established Shepherd University record of achievement that meets the University’s Merit Pay criteria.
f) have a record of excellence in teaching.

Faculty Emeritus/a Status

The title emeritus/a may be conferred upon members of the professional staff at the time of retirement.  Such title does not, however, automatically entitle its bearer access to institutional resources, but emeriti may be granted limited uses of such resources upon the approval of the President. To be eligible for appointment to emeritus/a status, retiring faculty must have completed at least a total of 10 years of service at Shepherd University, be nominated by their department/school, and recommended by Deans’ Council to the Provost/VPAA. 

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