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Resources for Current Residents

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Miller Hall,
Lower Level
Monday – Friday

8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
University closings

Potomac Place:

Shaw & Miller:


Dunlop & Printz:

West Woods:

Residential Mail

Mail and packages are delivered to the Residence Life Office in Miller Hall. We will notify students via email for First-Class Mail and packages. Visit the office during business hours to pick up.



[Your Name]
P.O. Box 5005
Miller Hall – [Hall Code]
Shepherdstown, WV 25443‌


(UPS, FedEx, Amazon)

[Your Name]
202 N. Duke St.
Miller Hall – [Hall Code]
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Hall Codes

‌Dunlop  DL
Miller  MI
Potomac Place  PL
‌Printz  PR
Shaw  SH
Thacher  TH
West Woods  WW

Maintenance Requests

For any issues with electrical, heating, cooling, water, or lighting in the residence halls, submit a maintenance request or contact your RA. Work orders can be submitted right to the Facilities department.

Facilities > Work Order Request> Sign in to Shepherd Email> Submit Request

Housing Accommodations & Animals on Campus

The Accessibility Office assists students needs through reasonable and documented accommodations. Request, approval, and management of any housing accommodations is managed through Accessibility.

Accessibility Office

Animals On Campus

Technology Help

IT can help with issues with your computer, Ethernet ports, WiFi, and other technology.

IT Services For Students

Lockouts & Rambler Card Issues

Resident hall interior and exterior door access is handled by our staff. Contact the office or RA on duty for help.

If locked out, our staff can assist but has limited availability for immediate response. After a resident’s first lockout, a $10 fee may be billed to the student’s account.

The Rambler Card Office in the Wellness Center can replace physically damaged cards and help with other Rambler needs.

Lights on your door’s lock help indicate its operation:

Door Lights Meaning
Solid GREEN, no RED
A valid card has been used. Door unlocks for four seconds or until the handle is turned.
Solid RED, no GREEN
A card without access has been inserted. Update Rambler or contact RA.
Solid GREEN, blinking RED
The door’s battery is low. Contact your RA to get battery replaced.
RED after 6 seconds, no GREEN
Card is blank, damaged, or inserted incorrectly. Try your card again. If it continues, contact your RA.
Blinking GREEN, no RED
Door is unlocked and no card is required to enter.
Blinking RED, no GREEN
The door has been blocked from access. Contact your RA.
Alternating GREEN and RED lights
Deadbolt on the door is engaged OR card out of date. Contact your RA.

Safety and Security

Door Lock Systems

Students use their Rambler for Residence Hall access. For the outside of the buildings, the students must swipe their Ramblers for the front doors to open. On the inside of the buildings, students must dip their Ramblers in to our battery operated locks located on the front of each door to gain access to their rooms/suites/apartments. If you are experiencing problems with your access, please contact a staff member.

Campus Police

Residence Life collaborates with officers of the Shepherd University Police Department in responding to and resolving incidents that occur in and around residence halls. In addition, officers of the Shepherd University Police visit residence halls to ensure no safety or security concerns exist. These visits provide officers an opportunity to get to know residents.

Theft and Renter’s Insurance

Outlined in the Resident Agreement, Shepherd is not responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of personal property from residents. To help prevent theft, lock your room door, secure money or expensive items, and never share your Rambler with another student. It is highly recommended that you maintain renter’s insurance coverage.

Fire Alarm

If you see fire, don’t hesitate: sound the alarm, exit the building, and call 911. If a door feels hot, do not open it. Get low and crawl under any smoke. Once outside, move away from the sides of the building. RAs or other staff will be available for help. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas, and walkways clear for emergency response vehicles and personnel. Never reenter a building until fire fighters or police indicates reentry is safe.

Not leaving the building during a fire alarm will be addressed through the student conduct process.

Medical & Mental Health Emergencies

For medical and mental health emergencies, students are strongly encouraged to call 911 for transport and notify a residence hall staff member for support. RAs are trained to follow strict protocols in medical and mental health situations. Health Services and Counseling Services are available for non-emergency resource and support. In cases where a student’s safety may be in danger, staff may contact a student’s emergency contacts. Please note that Shepherd is not responsible for any costs associated with emergency transport, services, or medical care.