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Requirements for Graduation

ALL DEGREE-SEEKING STUDENTS MUST APPLY FOR GRADUATION. If you do not apply by the stated deadline published in the Academic Calendar and the online Schedule of Classes, you may apply with a late fee through the end of the semester when the application is due.  Once the graduation semester has begun, students must PETITION to the Admissions and Credits Committee for permission to submit a late application to graduate (a late fee applies as well).

Students who have already graduated in the previous August or December, and all those who are “cleared for graduation” in the current May semester, are expected to participate in the May Commencement ceremony. (Clearing can only be done after all grades have been submitted and processed.)

Most of the common graduation requirements for the bachelor’s degree are included in the checklist below. Check the catalog you are following for specific requirements.

*Read the catalog you are following for specific and additional requirements in your major/program.

Students must complete within seven years the graduation requirements of the Catalog they choose. They may choose the Catalog in effect at their initial admission to the University or a subsequent Catalog. Students may not split requirements between Catalogs.