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Games Zone Rules


We are excited to host your party! Please review and share these rules with your guests.


  1. We request all private parties are booked at least 10 days priors to allow us to find appropriate staff coverage. Any parties booked within 10 days are subject to cancellation if staff is not available.
  2. A 25% deposit is required for all bookings. Your deposit applies to the total cost of your party and the remaining balance is due at least ten (10) days prior to your event.
  3. Full payment, at time of booking, is required for all rentals booked within ten (10) days of the event.
  4. You may request to hold a date for your event without a deposit. These will be held for seven (7) business days. A deposit will be due by the end of the seventh business day (4:30pm) to confirm the booking; otherwise the quote will be cancelled.
  5. All activity equipment is provided and is included in your rental and/or admission fee(s).
  6. Arcade games and a music jukebox are available and require individual payment.


  1. Anyone under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult (18 or older) while using the Games Zone.
  2. Billiards players must be at least 12 years of age.
  3. ESRB ratings will be followed when checking out video games.

Equipment/Space Usage

  1. Use of non-university owned music and/or sound making equipment is prohibited.
  2. Parties may arrive up-to 30 minutes before their booking time to setup.
  3. Parties are expected to clean up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the rental.
  4. Please refer to the Student Center Decorating Polices if you plan to decorate the space for an event (below).
  5. Be aware of the weight of the bowling ball you and/or your child are using.
  6. Proper bowling shoes should be used at all times. Bowlers are not permitted to bowl in their bare feet, socks, heels, boots, or sandals.
  7. Any child with a shoe size of nine (6.2 inches) or smaller, should bring their own closed toed and heeled shoes to wear.
  8. Socks must be worn at all times with the Games Zone rental shoes. Socks may be purchase at the Games Zone desk.
  9. Please roll only one bowling ball down a lane at a time.
  10. Please be sure the pin sweep (rake) is up before throwing the next bowling ball.
  11. Please do not load more than 8 bowling balls on a single ball return.
  12. Wait until the bowling ball has stopped rolling on the ball return before trying to pick it up.
  13. If a bowling ball gets stuck or does not return, please try pushing the reset button (found on the side of the ball return). If the ball still does not return, please see the Games Zone Attendant.
  14. Return all bowling balls to the storage rack when finished.
  15. Return all pool cue sticks to the wall mounted cue racks.
  16. Return all other equipment/items to the Games Zone desk when finished.


  1. Alcohol use is prohibited without written approval from the University Executive Leadership Team or designee.
  2. Since Shepherd University is a tobacco free campus, we ask all guests to refrain from using these products. For more information, please visit:
  3. The Games Zone staff reserves the right to refuse service to any individual(s) and/or group(s) that are in violation of the rules, without a refund.
  4. Any damages to the facility and/or equipment may be charged back to the individual(s) and/or group(s) using the facility.

Student Center Decorations Policies

  1. Drafting (aka painter’s tape) tape may be used on concrete walls only. Please do not use tape, staples, or tacks on wallpapered areas or ceiling tiles of the building.
  2. Ceiling tiles should not be removed or tamped with for user(s) safety.
  3. Use of ceiling hooks is required for any overhead lighting effects.
  4. Ceiling hooks can be provided at the Information Center.
  5. The use of paint, confetti, powder, glitter, silly string, and straw or hay is not permitted inside the facility.
  6. Open flame devices are only permitted under direct supervision of an adult. Please be mindful of flammable fabrics and any hot wax that may drip onto facility property.
  7. Please keep the furniture in the designated room.
  8. Please remove all decorations at the end of your event.
  9. Any damages to the facility may be charged back to the group.


All cancelations must be at least 24 hours in advance of your event by one of the following:

Any cancelations, or failures to cancel may endure a 25% charge of the total cost of your event.

If Shepherd University is ‘Officially Closed’ (ex. due to weather, power failure, etc.)