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How do I obtain a transcript?

How do I see my mid-term/final grades on RAIL?

How do I pay my tuition on RAIL?

How do I change my address or other information?

How do I find out who my advisor is?

How do I use Degree Evaluation on RAIL?

How do I find out about holds on my account?

How do I transfer credits from another school?

How do I verify enrollment?

How do I verify my degree?

How do I change my major?

What CLEP tests does Shepherd award credit for, and what score must I earn?

How can I get credit for my military training and education?

Can I obtain a new diploma?

How do I find out my grades the fastest way possible?

I believe I can do college work, but my grades are low. The more I try, the worse I do! What can I do?

I would like to get some information about Shepherd because I am thinking about applying. How can I do that?

Where do I view the current catalog?

Where do I find application forms for financial aid?