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Shepherd University requires student participation in assessment tests and surveys. The results enable the University to monitor its programs and services, to assist students in fulfilling their academic goals, and to fulfill reporting requirements to accrediting and government agencies. The assessment task force and the assessment coordinator oversee development and reporting of assessment activities. Both academic and administrative departments throughout the University will require student input about their functions from time to time.

Students will be notified when they are expected to participate in assessments. The assessments of freshman writing abilities and a survey of graduating seniors are well-established college-wide assessments. Sophomores’ skills in general education outcomes will be undertaken regularly. In addition, each program conducts its own assessments of student learning. Other assessments will be conducted as needed. Generally these assessments can be completed in a modest period of time. The University will seek employers’ input on the ability of graduates to perform in the workplace.

Failure to participate when required or any violation of the assessment or testing procedure can result in administrative action including withholding of grades and/or restriction from registration until the requirements are met.

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