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Presidential Participation Request

The Shepherd University President is invited to attend, participate in, or speak at a great number of events throughout the year.  The President’s Office tries to accommodate most requests that support the mission of the University and appreciates your understanding when scheduling conflicts prohibit the President’s personal participation.  With that said, the President reserves the right to recommend a member of the Executive Leadership Team or Board of Governors to represent the Office of the President at any event.

Due to the volume of events, it is very helpful for the President’s Office to collect as much information as possible about each event.  Toward that end, please complete a Presidential Participation Request Form as thoroughly and accurately as possible as part of any request for the President to participate in an event.

This request MUST be submitted to the President’s Office via email to Sonya Sholley at no later than THREE (3) months prior to the event at which you are requesting the President’s participation.

If the President’s role is to include a keynote or a minor speaking role, draft comments (no bullet points) are to be sent to the above address, in Word format, no later than THREE (3) weeks prior to the event.  It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group/individual to provide a podium and microphone if the President agrees to provide comments.

All event-related materials that include the name of the President require approval prior to publication and/or distribution.  The Office of University Communications coordinates this process.  Please visit for their process.  Such printed materials, include but are not limited to:  invitations, save-the date cards (printed or electronic), programs, brochures, promotional and event related advertisements.  Materials may not go to print until approval has been received from University Communications.

If the President is being introduced using an abbreviated bio, the event leader must coordinate with Sonya Sholley to be certain the most recent version is being used.