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Student Success Center

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The Student Success Center is a centralized and student-focused location of empowerment, opportunity, and positive relationships on Shepherd’s campus. The core values of the University complement our cohort-based programs guided by our philosophy of success coaching: we connect with students one-to-one through personalized meetings, fill their academic toolkits with reflective activities and customizable resources, and co-create a plan for success. Our goal is to teach students to act on new skills and mindsets as self-directed learners and future professionals. Ultimately, students will succeed in realizing their potential in the classroom and beyond.

Student Success Center

Student Center, Suite 122
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
(304) 876-5214

Thank you to the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation for their support in the creation of the Student Success Center and expanding the Shepherd Success Academy.