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Musical Showcase for Scholarships

2022 Annual Musical Showcase for Scholarships

We are excited to bring you the wonderful program highlighting the exceptional faculty, students, and alumni of the Shepherd University School of Music in 2022.

Every music student seeking opportunities to realize their aspirations is coming to us with unprecedented financial need. Funds raised at this annual event are used each fall for student recruitment and retention.

With competition being so fierce for potential music majors and the rising cost of education, we are always at risk of losing students to our competitors.  The phenomenal and positive support we have received in the last four years from the Musical Showcase for Scholarships is essential to the School of Music maintaining enrollment and reaching the projected enrollment of one hundred twenty strategically selected music majors.

If you would like to assist in this needed effort, please consider one of the following sponsorship opportunities. The goal is to raise $35,000.

Director        $5,000
Virtuoso        $2,500
Composer        $1,500
Conductor       $1,000
Concertmaster   $500

All sponsors will be listed on the Shepherd University School of Music website, semi-annual calendar, and On the Move! newsletter.

For sponsorship information, please contact Christine Meyer at 304-876-5526 or

To make a donation of any size to the scholarship effort, click here.

To give by mail, download a Gift Form and mail the completed form and your check to:

Shepherd University Foundation
PO Box 5000
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Please make checks payable to Shepherd University Foundation.  On the form, under “Please designate my gift to:” be sure to check “Other” and write in A Musical Showcase for Scholarships.

Here are highlights from the 2019 Musical Showcase for Scholarships.
Here are highlights from the 2018 Musical Showcase for Scholarships.
Here are highlights from the 2017 Musical Showcase for Scholarships.
For more information, call 304-876-5555.

Thank you for your generous support! I am the youngest of 4 in my family and I’m in my second year of college. Education is something that my family and I value immensely, and I am so grateful for all who have supported the Shepherd School of Music. I’m looking forward to advancing my education and being back in concerts with all your continuous support!
-Isaac Cheston, BME – Instrumental, 2022

The Music Foundation Scholarship pays a significant portion of my tuition here at Shepherd University. With that financial burden lifted, I am able to comfortably experience all of the wonderful things this department has to offer, which enhances my education greatly. I can improve myself both musically and academically with your support through this scholarship. Thank you so much for your continued generosity!
-Sophie Palmer, BME – Vocal 2021

Without the foundation scholarship, I would not have landed in the wonderful community Shepherd has to offer. I have seen myself grow just in the short year I have been here. Through these tough times, I have really seen the passion and dedication the faculty and students have. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Shepherd, and allows students like me to grow into the musician and educator I strive to be.
-Katherine Fetting, BME – Instrumental, 2023

Thank you. Those two words in our society do not always carry as much weight as they are worth. People throw around “thank you’s” out of politeness and rarely out of extreme, indescribable gratitude. This “thank you” is not one that I am saying to be courteous or to appear to be kind in character, but one that is coming from the depths of my being.

Without your support, I would not be able to attend Shepherd University without a significant financially based worry about whether I would be able to continue my education in the future. The School of Music does not only provide me with an education that I will cherish for the rest of my life, but also a community that I think of like a family. You have given me the opportunity to learn not just about music, but also about other people and about where I want my place in the community to be after I graduate.

Already I have felt the effects of your support through my education and the relationships that I have made in this past year. Even though this was only my first year as a student in the School of Music, I have already developed close bonds with my professors and learned how to think more musically than I ever thought I could in a single year. I would not trade the world for these two personal developments.

I consider my education and community that I have attained from being in the Shepherd University School of Music to be one of the most important things in my life. This education and the relationships that I have made would not be possible without your support. I sincerely thank you for helping to provide me with what I have been able to attain from the School of Music.

Thank you, wholeheartedly, for your support,
-Sianna King, BME – Instrumental, BA – Piano Pedagogy, 2023