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MBA Admission Requirements

Graduate Studies Application

Admission to the M.B.A. Program

Additionally, all students must also submit the following:

M.B.A. Foundations Program

Because some foundational experience in business and economics is crucial to success in the Shepherd M.B.A. program, students admitted to the M.B.A. must meet three content area prerequisites: Accounting, Statistics, and Economics. Foundational courses at the undergraduate level must have been taken within the last ten years with a grade of “C” or higher.

Applicants who lack this undergraduate coursework can fulfill the foundational requirements in one of three ways:

  1. Taking the appropriate graduate foundations course work at the graduate level (online & face-to-face M.B.A. courses: these do not count toward the M.B.A.).
  2. Passing the appropriate CLEP test(s).
  3. Submitting a portfolio of work-related experience and requesting an evaluation of academic coursework by the M.B.A. coordinator. Applicants may begin the M.B.A. program while completing their prerequisite courses.

Foundational courses must be completed within the first 9 credits of the M.B.A. program or within the first year of enrollment, whichever comes first.

For more information about the Shepherd M.B.A., contact:

Ben Martz, Ph.D., Program Chair, Master of Business Administration and Dean, College of Business (

Shepherd University School of Graduate and Professional Studies
Phone: 304-876-5313