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General Information

Admission to graduate study at Shepherd University is processed on a rolling basis.  Applications are considered complete when the application, the application fee, and all supporting materials are on file with the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.  Some degrees have specific requirements beyond the general ones for all graduate students.  Please reference the particular degree program or the second page of the Graduate Studies Application for details. Program Coordinators in conjunction with the Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies make final decisions on all applications. Title IX Coordinator: Annie Lewin, J.D., Gardiner Hall 120, (304) 876 -5041

Online Application

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Note: Download Adobe XI (11.0.02) of Adobe Reader to complete application:

International Applicants – Shepherd University welcomes students from around the world for graduate degree study. A test of language proficiency is required for international graduate students except in the case of a diploma or degree from an accredited college or university in which the primary language of instruction is in English.

Veterans ApplicantsAll veterans, regardless of rank, branch, or active versus reserve/guard, are encouraged to take advantage of graduate courses at Shepherd University.

Non-Degree and Transient Applicants

Shepherd University Undergraduate Students

Admission Statuses

Shepherd University grants full, conditional, and provisional admission status for graduate students.

Full Admission

Conditional Admission

Provisional Admission

Deferred Admission – Applicants who cannot enroll in the term for which admission was offered may request to have their admission deferred for up to one year. Such requests must be in writing and will be considered only once. Because enrollments are limited and competition for admission may vary from year to year, such requests may not be granted. Applicants who have received approved deferment of their admission cannot register for graduate coursework at the University during the period of deferment.

Applicants Not Admitted – Applicants who are denied admission may have their applications reconsidered if they furnish additional material that was not available at the time of the original decision, such as evidence of further academic achievement or more recent and improved standardized test scores.