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Scarborough Library Room Reservations

Scarborough Library offers a variety of meeting spaces for Shepherd faculty, staff, and students including 4 conference rooms, an instruction lab, an educational technology room, and a classroom. Below you’ll find descriptions of our rooms, as well as room reservation policies and procedures.

Reservations must be placed at least one business day (Mon-Fri) in advance. Same day reservations will not be accepted.

Room Reservation Policies

How to Reserve a Room

Please read the room descriptions below and choose the room suitable for your needs.

When making a reservation, please include the following information:

For Conference Rooms 243, 308, and 343, patrons can request a reservation online through the campus’ Virtual Event Management System (VEMS) or by contacting Theresa Smith 304-876-5217. To reserve rooms 256, 307, 309, or 350, please contact Theresa Smith.

Any audio visual needs or computer/equipment set-up requirements must be arranged in advance through IT Services. Make requests by emailing itworkorder.

If you have any questions about reserving a room, contact:
Theresa Smith
Public Services Manager
Library Room 203

Room Descriptions

Maximum room capacities have been modified to provide for social distancing required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conference Room 243
Capacity: 2
Conference Room 243 is equipped with a whiteboard. Data ports and WiFi are available.

Classroom 256
Capacity: 10 + instructor
Classroom 256 may be reserved for semester-long classes only. The room is equipped with three whiteboards, a Smart Board, a podium with laptop, a built-in projector and screen. Data ports and Wifi are available.

Instructors – when reserving Classroom 256 please include the following information:

Library Instruction Lab Room 307
Capacity: 8 + instructor
Instruction Lab 307 is equipped with 8 Dell laptops, a projector, and a podium with laptop. The room may be reserved by faculty and staff for training or testing purposes. Instructors are asked to limit class usage to six sessions per semester. When not reserved, 307 is open as a computer lab for general student use during times specified in the Library Instruction Lab Use Policy.

Conference Room 308
Capacity: 2
Conference Room 308 is equipped with a whiteboard and LCD Monitor. Data ports and WiFi are available.

WV Conference Room 309
Capacity: 4
WV Conference Room is reserved for university meetings. Data ports and WiFi are available. The room is equipped with a screen and a portable whiteboard.

Conference Room 343
Capacity: 2
Conference Room 343 is equipped with a whiteboard. Data ports and WiFi are available.

EduTech Room 350
Capacity: 1
Use of the EduTech room is restricted to Shepherd faculty, staff, and students. The room is equipped with a Smart Board, 1 Mac and 1 PC (both with Camtasia and Adobe), video camera, 35MM SLR camera, webcam for video conferencing, whiteboard, and microphones. Currently only the Mac and PC are accessible.