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“Dealing with IT is always a pleasure. They are professional, friendly, and extremely helpful! Thank you team for a quick resolve of my problem today!” – Staff, June 22

Systems and Infrastructure Status

Important Information: Shepherd University technology resources, updates and information during the Coronavirus pandemic may be found here: IT Covid-19 Impact Page

Unplanned outage: No unplanned outages at this time.

Planned outage: No planned outages at this time.

IT Service Desk Hours

Beginning Monday, May 3, 2021, the IT Service Desk and phone support will be available Mondays – Fridays from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

NOTE: If inclement weather and/or road conditions occur, these hours are subject to change.

Recent News

Mandatory Password Change for all employees, July 13, 2021
In order to enhance our technology environment, computer account passwords must be changed every 180 days. All of the changes and procedures to facilitate this detailed on this page

New Phishing Attack Email, February 16, 2021
A new phishing attack email started arriving in mailboxes today. This pertains to a supposed job opportunity, has an attachment and an embedded link, and at the bottom has it is from the Shepherd Career Center || Job Placement. Please delete it from your inbox, and then from your Deleted Items folder.
If you clicked on the link or the attachment, and followed any of the directions, please contact the IT Services Desk by emailing with your contact information and a summary of what you entered on the site.

Apple iOS 14 Update, September 18, 2020
The newest Apple iOS 14 update turns on MAC address randomization as a privacy feature. On campus users will experience issues as ITS uses this information to allow devices access to the Shepherd network. On campus users can turn off private Wi-Fi addresses by tapping on a network in the Wi-Fi Settings pane and hitting the toggle next to Private Address. After turning off the setting you will need to register your device again. Please contact the IT Services Desk if you need assistance.

COVID-19 Update on Monday, August 10, 2020
Due to limited capacity of the library and the IT Service Desk, we suggest users refer to our website for information regarding your Shepherd account, email, accessing the wireless network and registering devices.

If you still need assistance, please call 304-876-5457 before visiting the IT Service Desk in the library.

You can reach out to us by emailing our work order system with a full description of the issue you are experiencing. Please include a phone number.

You may also make an appointment by emailing Instructions on how to make the appointment will be emailed to you.

IT Services has been informed some students have been receiving emails which are either SPAM or a PHISH attack. These emails may look enticing, as many revolve around job opportunities or free goods, but, please be aware that these emails, and others like them, often are not legitimate. Always use caution when viewing and processing email. Please take extra care whenever asked to access another ‘link’ or open any ‘attachments’.

Here is an educational resource pertaining to Social Engineering attacks and how to recognize them Social Engineering Red Flags

Here are some rules of thumb to identify red flags in determining a valid email:

To better assist you in educating yourself about PHISHING, please access the Google PHISHING Quiz. This quiz is highly interactive and will provide key areas to help you determine what email is legitimate and what is not. The PHISHING Quiz can be accessed by going to:

If you are unsure if you have a malicious or legitimate email and would like assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance at 304-876-5457. You may also email us your issue to

Older phishing attacks and other important updates

Please check our News Archive

Tips for Student Email Problems

If you are still having problems, please contact the IT Services Desk. Their contact information is at the bottom of this page under the To get help heading.

Device Registration Instructions

At the start of a new semester we wanted to share important information with you about registering your devices for use on the campus network including wi-fi.

Updated July 19, 2021