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Welcome to the Divisions of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education at Shepherd University. These two divisions oversee Shepherd’s masters programs, doctoral program, graduate certificates, continuing education, lifelong learning, and professional development courses across a wide range of disciplines.

Our graduate faculty are known for their student-centered approach that encourages creativity, innovation, and scholarship. In each of the disciplines our programs represent, students flourish by enjoying close contact with faculty mentors and a supportive community of graduate peers. Graduate students can participate in Shepherd’s graduate culture through student advisory councils, university committees like the Student Life and Budget Advisory, and have opportunities for career advice, connections with professionals in the field, graduate student events, and project presentation opportunities like Graduate Research Day. Become a part of the campus community!

What students are saying about Graduate Studies!

“Incredible opportunities for professional growth and exploring new passions! I’m very happy I came to Shepherd!” - Matthew Myers, CSDA ’16
“My experience at Shepherd was beyond words. So many opportunities to IMPACT! I was able to leave my legacy by creating the Black Student Union to uplift a community of students. I believe education is what breaks the chains of oppression. Look forward to continuing supporting Shepherd University.” - Micah D. Johnson, CSDA ‘16
"I am so appreciative for the assistance you have been granting me. This will help me throughout my lifetime!” - Musa Suwareh,, MBA ‘16
"My graduate program has given me the opportunity to learn so much and to work with some incredible people." - Emily Bannon, CSDA
"I really enjoyed being a RAM! I would recommend Shepherd to family and friends because Shepherd has lots of energy and excitement and is a great quality school near home." - Aissata Zerbo, MBA ‘16
"In HR, the MBA has more than made a difference in my understanding of what I do and who I place. I cannot thank you enough for the education received in the program. I feel like I am living a dream realized that you all have been a part of.” - Molly Reed, MBA ‘14
"The professors are fantastic advocates who take the time to help students individually."
"I am so grateful to the professors and my advisor, Dr. Toole, for the fantastic education I have received at Shepherd." "The professors in the MACI program are caring, knowledgeable, and responsive to student needs. They made the time spent in the program worthwhile! Experiences and learning from the program will aid me professionally."

What’s new!

If you are a Shepherd graduate checking back to see what’s new, we hope you find the program that will fit your future career goals. If you’re a new student thinking about attending graduate school and are interested in the possibility of doing so at Shepherd, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Just click on the links under prospective students to apply online, check out the curriculum in your program, and view opportunities for internships, research, and employment.

Innovative Programs!

Stay in touch and stay Informed!

On behalf of Shepherd University, I hope I get to welcome you as a graduate student at Shepherd University. As our nation faces extraordinary ethical, social, and civic challenges of vast complexity, this is an excellent time to pursue graduate study, enhance your skills, attain your career goals, and shape the future. We invite you to be a part of this exciting challenge and hope you will be inspired as you browse our graduate studies and university web pages. Stay informed by checking these pages often, reading the graduate newsletter, check out the upcoming events or “like” the Shepherd University Graduate Studies Facebook page.

Should you have questions about any specific degree program, I encourage you to contact the graduate program coordinator for your degree program, or your questions can also be directed to the Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you here on the campus.


Dr. Richard Stevens
Dean, Graduate Studies and Faculty Affairs