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2024 Applications: Graduate Faculty Awards | Graduate Student Awards

Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award Recipients

2024 Dr. Benjamin Bankhurst, Associate Professor of History
2023 Dr. Jason Allen, Assistant Professor of Education and Director, Teaching and Learning
2022 Dr. Ann Wendle, Clinical Assistant Professor of College Student Development and Administration
2021 Dr. Kelly Watson-Huffer, Associate Professor of Nursing Education
2020 Dr. LeAnn Johnson, Associate Professor of Education
2019 Dr. Ben Martz, Professor of Business
2018 Dr. Michael Groves, Associate Professor of Nursing Education
2017 Dr. Tuncer Gocmen, Associate Professor of Economics
2016 Dr. Laura Clayton, Professor of Nursing Education
2015 Dr. Dawn Burke, Professor of Education; Dr. Lana Leggett, Affiliate Faculty, MBA
2014 Dr. William Zimmer, Assistant Professor of Business
2013 Dr. Belinda Mitchell, Associate Professor of Education
2012 Dr. John Adams, Affiliate Faculty, CSDA
2011 Dr. Georgiann Toole, Associate Professor of Education
2010 Dr. Richard Stevens, Associate Professor of College Student Development
2009 Dr. David Gonzol, Associate Professor of Music

Distinguished Graduate Student Award Recipients


2024 – Cassie L. Czaja DNP


2024 – Paola C. Torres, CSDA
2024 – Erin Amavisca, MAT


2024 – Alyssa Nazarok (APST)
2024 – Shelby L. Daugherty (CSDA)