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Communication and Self-Care – Resources

General Well Being and Communication

Toxic Workplaces and Bullying

Workplace Mental Health – APA Virginia Tech – Anti-Bullying Resources
Let Me Tell You Something…: Expressing Frustration (and other Emotions) – Karen Green Toxic Workplaces – Support Group
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Toxic Workplaces – APA
Workplace Gossip: How to Address and Avoid It

Faculty Burnout

Reduction in Force/Layoff Tools

First You are Seasoned, Then – You are Fried – YouTube – Geri Crawley-Woods Coping with Layoff Survivor Guilt
First You are Seasoned, Then – You are Fried – Geri Crawley-Woods How Employers can Handle Layoff Survivor Guilt
  Surviving a Layoff – Next steps