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Registration Process

Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations at Shepherd University. In order to request accommodations, students must:

Complete the Accommodation Request Form, at which time you will need to provide Supporting Documentation. Should you have any questions please email

The Notification Process

Once the documentation and the appropriate forms have been submitted, the decision on granting accommodations will occur. Each student will be notified through Shepherd University email of the specific accommodations the student has been granted and, in some cases, the accommodations that have not been granted along with a rationale of why they were denied.  If any requested accommodation was denied, the University will always evaluate whether there are any other reasonable accommodations alternatives or available options to the academic adjustment or aid or service which was requested and denied, and if the University can identify such reasonable alternatives, it will provide them. The Office of Residence Life will be notified by Accessibility Services of any housing or meal plan accommodations that need to be made.

Students with academic accommodations will receive a specific set of confidential letters. These letters document their registration with Accessibility Services and specify their approved accommodations. Although there is no time limit on when faculty must be notified, letters should be given to each professor as early as possible during the semester, preferably prior to or during the first week of class. This should be done in a meeting during the professor’s office hours.

The student can appeal accommodation decisions by contacting the Student Affairs designee.

Any complaints should be submitted in writing to the Student Affairs designee. A thorough inquiry will be completed for all complaints. Appeals to decisions made by the Student Affairs designee should be submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs.