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Vision for the Center

Engaging and Inspiring Current and Future Leaders From and For Our Region

shutterstock_432813148Applying concepts learned in the classroom to real-world problems solidifies the learning process and inspires curiosity in students.

Not only will the center seek to engage and inspire college students and K-12 students from our region to pursue their highest educational and career aspirations, student involvement in the center will bring energetic intellectual curiosity and fresh perspective to developing projects and initiatives.

A Vision for Unlocking the Region’s Potential

shutterstock_396636568West Virginia’s economy has struggled as the rest of the nation and the world have changed, moving away from the industries that were once the economic backbone of the state.

Shepherd University believes that changing the direction of West Virginia’s economic success begins right here. Among all four-year institutions in the state, Shepherd ranks third, behind West Virginia University and Marshall University, for its annual economic impact on West Virginia.

Aligning the people, talent, and resources of this region and cultivating each one will create a space where solutions, new ideas, and growth can flourish while engaging and inspiring our future innovators.