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Visa Information


Shepherd University is pleased and honored to enroll students from around the world and to include many faculty and staff members who originally came from or who had studied or worked in other countries—all add to the multicultural richness of our campus and academic programs.

Many of these international students, faculty and staff have already been in the United States for some time and are now U.S Permanent Residents or Citizens. They have our congratulations and well wishes.

This section, though, is not for them, but rather it is devoted to those who are here with a U.S. visa. This could be as a Visitor (B1/2 status), a student (F-1 or J-1), a research scholar (J-1), an employee (H-1b), or as a Dependent in one of those statuses. Immigration is technical and often confusing for the individual. These pages are provides as a first reference and they come with the invitation to consult with International Student Affairs on specific instances.