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Calendar & Upcoming Events

Below you will find the academic calendar that has our schedule for when and to which schools we will be at throughout the week:

9/10/2020 Parent and Student Orientation
9/12/2020 10am-2pm

1st Saturday Session

Icebreakers and Quick Workshop

Paradigm Shift – Leadership & Motivation

9/19/2020 9am – 12pm

Cambridge SAT Pre-Test

9/26/2020 10:30am – 12pm

Cambridge Live SAT Prep

10/10/2020 10am – 2pm

MLT Talks/Workshops

Cambridge Live SAT Prep

10/24/2020 10am – 2pm

Her Records – Love & Hip Hop Lecture Series

MLT Talks

11/7/2020 10am – 2PM

Cambridge Live SAT Prep

MLT Talks and Her Records

11/14/2020 10am – 2pm

Her Records – Song Recording and CD Making

12/5/2020 9am – 12pm

SAT Post-Test with Cambridge

12/12/2020 10am – 12pm

End of 2020 Saturday Session

2021 TBD

On a monthly basis, students will need to attend at least 2-3 SAT  Workshops.

For MLT only :

High School Tutoring Volunteer Opportunity

MLT Talks (Presentations)