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Welcome to your Exploratory Ram Fam! 

Here at Shepherd University, we provide extensive support to our exploratory student population. If you’re not sure which major to pursue, we can point you in the right direction!

Being undecided about your major can be overwhelming, but Shepherd University is here to help you discover your passions through our Exploratory program. Despite the uncertainty you may feel as an undeclared major, there are many positive outcomes in taking the time to choose the right major for you.

This time will be dedicated to taking courses in different subjects that fulfill your Core Curriculum requirements necessary for graduation. This will ensure that you progress toward any degree that you ultimately choose, while exploring subjects that may interest you. In allowing yourself more time to decide which majors might or might not work for your interests and strengths, you are one step closer to securing a successful future.

Using the tools and support we provide, this time of uncertainty will become one of exploration, discovery, and academic fulfillment.